Monday, 5 March 2012

Rome Hotels

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The passing millennia have greatly improved the lodging that can be experienced in this city of the eternal gods. Hotels in modern Rome can run the gamut from the ostentatious to the aesthetic; from the exorbitant to the frugal.
With a history that dates to the 1890′s, the St. Regis Grand Rome exudes both refinement and opulence. The rooms and suites all reflect individuality and embody Empire, Regency and Louis XV motifs. The Vivendo Restaurant is renown for its classical Italian gastronomy that is flawlessly prepared.
Also of nineteenth century origin is the Hotel Hassler, which has been recognized as one of the preeminent hotels of Europe. Situated atop the Spanish Steps, the Hassler reaches into the eighteenth century past to produce transcendent decor of Louis XV authenticity, replete with Titian originals. With stirring, panoramic views, Imago offers marvelous Italian cuisine.
While the hotels in the center of Rome tend to be on the expensive side, there are a number of centrally located, reasonably cheap hotels that compare quite favorably with less expensive hotels in other large cities.
A very reasonable hotel that is very near the Termina Station is the Hotel Pensione Papa Germano. It is on a quiet side street and the air-conditioned rooms include breakfast.
A classically styled hotel that is next to the Basilica of Santa Maria is the Montreal. It also includes breakfast.
The Hotel Locanda Carmel is in the center of the neighborhood known as Trastevere and has a comfortable,
rooftop terrace.
Italy, of course, has for centuries been glorified for its magnificent food, and Rome is decidedly the center of that gastronomic tradition.
The Ristorante Aroma is among the most exquisite restaurants, with its tremendous view of the Palazzo Manfredi and its unique menu.
The Babette Ristorante was inspired by the film, “Babette’s Feast,” and it offers miraculous, multi-course dinners.
The Ristorante Mirabelle offers a spectacular dining experience and a stunning view of the center of Rome.
There are quite a number of bus tours that are perpetually going through Rome. The Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum are among the most sought out sights.
The best and simplest transportation in Rome is the Roma Termini, the subway. However, there is an extensive network of buses.
It is best to go through an agency when booking hotels in Rome. The traveler can accurately compare hotels and benefit from the numerous travel packages that are offered.

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