Monday, 5 March 2012

Dubai Hotels

Most people are familiar with Dubai, whether they have visited it or not. The luxurious and breath taking images of this amazing place can only compare to something out of this world. Dubai is synonym of luxury, beauty, wealth, exquisite comforts, and awe. There is no other way to describe this marvelous place. Everything is luxury in Dubai; however, there are some famous hotels amongst the many five star hotels that abound.
The Dubai 7 Star Hotel is the only seven star hotel – Burj Al Arab. This is luxury at its highest point, and considered the best of all hotels in Dubai. Accommodations are ultra luxurious; has many high-class amenities and business as well, and the restaurants are some of the finest.
The Dubai Underwater Hotel is one of the most popular attractions there. It was built under sea level and present a complete different accommodation experience not only luxurious, but under the sea.
Burj Al Arab Dubai Jumeirah is one of the most famous places to stay. It is considered one of the world’s best hotels and it is located in the coastline of Dubai. Accommodations are all luxurious suites with fine detail and opulence.
For a hotel that reminds the visitor of ancient Arab culture, the Madinat Jumeirah Arabian Resort seems to be it. This magnificent hotel combines heritage and the most luxurious and ornate décor, in an opulent and more traditional style.
For the business traveler the Jumeirah Emirates Towers speak of luxury in a business setting, with offices and a shopping mall. All in a luxurious setting.
The first Dubai Kempinski property and still one of the most famous and luxurious is the Kempinski Hotel and Mall of the Emirates. Here, the visitor will find an indoor ski resort, and the biggest mall. Convenience and luxury meet at this location, which is a world in itself.
Many of the best restaurants and places to eat can be found in the hotels. Dubai is a perfect mix of worldwide cuisines and cultures, and many restaurants present international themes. Some that are considered the best are Raffles Dubai, Nobu, Bice, Vus Restaurant, Ossiano Restaurant, Ronda Locatelli, Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire, JW’s Steakhouse, Dhow ka Aangan, and Frankies.
Dubai was created as a place for wonder, a place to visit, a place for tourists. Some popular attractions include Wild Wadi Water Park, Nad al Sheba Racecourse, Dubai Museum, Burjuman Centre for shopping, a seven hour Haka Trek thru various terrain, Heritage Village and Diving Village, Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai Creek Golf and Yatch Club, and much more. Attractions are unlimited here, no matter in which part you are.
Transportation in Dubai blends the modern and the traditional. Camel riding and small motor boat (Abras) riding is normal. There is an airport shuttle service, and many buses, taxis, and boats. There are also bicycle rentals. Many flights worldwide reach the Dubai International airport. The national carrier of the UAE is Emirates Airlines, but other lines that reach this destination are Gulf Air, and Middle East Hub.
Although it might be difficult to book hotels that are cheap hotels in Dubai, visitors can benefit by special vacation packages offered online and compare hotels to find the best deals around.

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